Khmer and Thai Joint Sangran (Joint New Year 2013)

Report of the Khmer Thai Joint Sangran/New Year 2013 in May 2013 in Surin

Video: How Khmer and Thai sing and dance together as brothers: and sisters: 


Beh Trolach

To read the detail:

Narrative-Report-2013-Brother Sisterhood Visit – KTPR-BKSN


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Awards, Sotha Ros, KTPR co-founder, received two awards in late 2556 or 2012

Ubasak Sotha Ros, co-founder of  KTPR, received two awards in late 2556 or 2012 due to his proven efforts for peace and harmony between Cambodian  and Thai people:

1) Ambassador for Peace Award and Appointment from the Universal Peace Federation based in the USA on 6 October 2012.

2) Tara Award on 31 October 2556 from the Learning Community for Peace and Harmony or Sathira-Dhammasathan based in Bangkok, Thailand.

What is Tara Awards

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Making peace for the Khmer prisoners in Thailand

Under the diplomat support of Her Excellency You Ay, Cambodian Ambassador to Thailand, BKSN (Khmer) and PEF (Thai), the co-coordinators of the Khmer Thai Relationship Building (KTPR): Ms. Chalida Tacharoensuk and Ubasak Sotha Ros, were able to visit a prison in Ratchaburi in Thailand in order to visit 31 Khmer prisoners who have been charged for serious crime cases mostly related to drugs. One of them have been sentenced for the whole life.

The peace activities in the prisons were Namaskar, receiving seila from the monk, Tesna, saying hello and Dhamma Talk and short meditation training and Dhammic books distribution. The Namaskar, seil and tesna was led and given by Ven. Bikkhu Huy Phem, Executive Director of MlupPreahThor. The Dhamma talk and meditaion were given by Ubasak Sotha Ros.

The activity created a happy moment in the prison and given a basic tool for the prisoners to cultivate peace there in the future by themselves. The prisoners were happy to see the visit and well cooperated.

After visiting the prison, the KTPR team met with H.E. Ay to report about the activities and asked her for advice for the future KTPR activities. She was very supportive though she was very busy for the people to the people activities.

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Over 60 Khmer-Thai border victims were well spiritually and physically healed through a camp in Oddarmeanchey

74 Cambodian and Thai border victims of the recent border violence [including 4 monks, 45 Cambodian and 29 Thai] were healed spiritually and physically through a meeting entitled “Buddhist Tool for Spiritual Healing Camp” which has been conducted from 17-21 July 2555/2556 in Chouk village, Samrong commune, Samrong city, Oddarmeanchey province. It is considered as a most successful activity as in general the participants were happy and satisfied with the activity though it was run was run in an economic and simple way. The camp was co-organized by BKSN and PEF. It was facilitated by Sotha Ros (general facilitator and healer), Ms. Chalida Tachareonsuk (co-general facilitator).

The main activities in the camp were sharing and learning about Dukha, causes of Dukha, happiness, and how to overcome the Dukha by using the meditation as the main tool; happy activities; spiritual consultation; physical illness natural healing; forest visit; tree planting; forgiving ceremony; meeting and giving souvenirs to the representatives (Thai received from Khmer representatives and Khmer received from Thai representatives) of the victims. The detail program can be viewed Program – Revised-12-7-12.

The spiritual and meditation teaching/healing was taught by Venerable Bikhu Yos Hut Khemacaro, Supreme Council of the BKSN and Director of the Khmer Buddhist Foundation/Dhammaduta in cooperation with a senior Thai monk venerable Bikhu Phra Bhanu Cittandhanto, INEB Representative, and Ubasak Sotha Ros.

The natural therapy was provided by Ubasak Sotha Ros.

The Khmer and Thai participants forgave to each other for any past spiritual and physical  bad actions to each other.

A woman from South Thailand, Ms. Waraporn Ngoenrat, 42, said, this is the best course that I ever had. It makes me happy. Though I still not yet master my mind well, but I will practice it more when I am home.

Mr. Bunkerd Tettam, 63 years old, Surin, Thailand, said that I had never practiced and met people like this before. I feel very fortunate. I can’t talk more; if I do I will tear.

Mr. But Boeun, Ampil village, Oddarmeanchey, Cambodia, the teaching of the teachers is clear and easy to understand that I have never seen before. I would like to replicate this course to other people.

Please let the below photos explain you more. Thank you for your reading.

To see more photos, please visit the program page: of the KTPR web.

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Sotha Ros made a Mono-Dhammayietra to Sakeo, Thailand

Ubasak Sotha Ros made a mono-Dhammayietra to NanaDharmasthan (Santi-Asok), the Head, in Sakeo to meet Master Ven. Kaenmuuang Chaohinfa and his colleagues from 26-27 May 2556/2012 in order to expand his peace message and make connection in Thailand. It was a sweet and productive visit. We introduced and learned from each other, joined in some Dana and mutual activities (Benbat/arms rounds) and offered future exchange visits, etc:

Khmer-Thai Languages Exchange

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2012 Khmer-Thai Relationship Building

Recently, 18 Cambodian led by BKSN went to join a celebration of the Khmer-Thai New Year/Sangrang  and exchange knowledge on Community Self-Reliance in Surin, Thailand. Please click  Brief-Report-on-BKSN-2012-KTPR-16May2556-012 to find more detail in an Updating Report on BKSN 2012 Activities below:


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Dhammayietra for Friendship and Harmony between Cambodian and Thai

Cambodian and Thai Buddhists and those who are concerning about harmony between Cambodian and Thai joined to celebrate the Buddha’s Day (Visakha Puja) by conducting Dhammayietras and ceremonies in order to cultivate peace and harmony between Cambodian and Thai and to pay gratitude to the Buddha who showed the way to peace and to remind people about Dhammic practice. The walk also call the world to give up the violent culture to peaceful culture.

At least there were 500 people participated totally. The Dhammayietras started separately in Cambodia and Thailand and finally ended at Wat Mai Thong in Aranh Prathet, Sakeo province in Thailand. At Cambodian side, the walk started at Wat Chansi Samki Rotanaram, Kob commune, Aurchrov district and stopped over at Wat Chen Wan Seimaram (Wat Mong Chen) in Sankha Poilpet, Poilpet city, where they celebrated the last Visakha Puja and Dhammic/Peace talks before their representatives continue to match with Thai group at the white zone of Poilpet International Entry and walked toward Wat Mai Thong together.  The temperature was 40 decree but people still remained peaceful and finished their plan. By the end of the Dhammayietra, most of the people requested to have more Dhammayietras, at least one a year. It should be noticed that it is the first Dhammayietra since Cambodia and Thailand have been in conflict. Therefore, people were very happy to see it and seemed received a lot of support from people including local authorities. Please have a watch the video of the Dhammayietra for detail.


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